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Sunday Restorative Yoga Sequence: Quiet Back Bends

I love Restorative Yoga everyday, but on Sundays in particular. This practice is the epitome of rest and relax. Four gentle supported back bends to softly open up what feels stuck, a cozy forward fold to provide a complimentary sense of grounding and a fully supported savasana to bask in.

Ultra Mild Flat Blanket Supported Back Bend (5 mins)

Two blankets folded flat and wide to create a source of low elevation. Recline over top of the blankets and position the top edge of the blanket in line with roughly the middle portion of the shoulder blades so that the top of the shoulders hover just about the ground and the back of your head is on the mat. In other words, the whole back of the torso is resting on the blanket, but the shoulders are not. Rest the arms out to the sides with arms toward the sky.

Supported Fish Pose Variation A —

Double Burrito Blanket (5-10 mins)

Roll up your two blankets into short Burrito shapes — the smaller Burrito blanket will support the low back curvature and the slightly larger Burrito blanket will support the midback, near the lower/mid shoulder blades. If there’s no size difference in the size of your Burritos, just place both bolsters side by side horizontally across your mat. Sit in front of the first/smaller bolster and recline back while keeping the second/larger in place. Rest the arms out to the sides with arms toward the sky. Option: Legs extended or knees bent, feet on the floor; prop your head up on a pillow.

Leg Variations: Gentle Twist from Constructive Rest position...