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I turned 30 yesterday. Coming up on this milestone birthday has made me pause to reflect on my life, on everything I have experienced during my time here on Earth thus far. I have been thinking back on my 25th birthday, one of my favourite memories, and just how much I’ve grown and accomplished since then. I have loved, lost, learned, travelled, burned bridges, gone on epic adventures, made mistakes, helped others, healed old wounds, mended ties, and so much more…

My body is the strongest its ever been, my consciousness has expanded in positive ways and my heart has softened; I experience empathy and forgiveness in a way I didn’t understand when I was younger. I recognize people as beautifully human, simultaneously flawed and perfect. The older I get, the less judgmental I become because it has been shown to me time and time again that we’re all doing the best that we can. Everyday I work to stop forcing myself to carry the weight of others people’s judgements concerning who and what I should be… I am who I am and that’s all I will every be, which is pretty f*cking awesome, to be honest.

Perhaps my favourite life lesson that has really sunk in for me recently is this: Whenever you’re about to comment about what you think someone “should” do, feel, look like, behave, etc… consider instead just shutting the f*ck up. I know, it’s hard… We all think we know best and sometimes our “shoulds” (our advice, our helpful suggestions, our tips — the unsolicited ones) do come from well intended places, but truthfully, it’s not anyone’s place to tell another human how to be or how to live. No one needs your “shoulds.” What is more helpful and productive but way harder? Listening, empathizing and understanding.

Ps. This concert is relative to self-talk as well; keep it positive and let yourself off the hook, you’re doing great and you’re literally perfect just as you are.

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