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“What Props Do I Need Today?”

As a yoga instructor, this is one of the most frequently asked question I get from my students.

My answer, of course, is always context specific because there are many variables at hand.

First, some practices just require different props than others. Second, some bodies just require different props than others. And lastly, some yoga classes are practiced in a variety of spaces, each on a wide and varying spectrum of communal prop availability.

While many teachers or studio spaces try to provide their students with props to borrow, there’s something really special about owning your own. I believe they are tools that enable you to practice in a sustainable manner that supports responsible and safe progression. In a way, I feel as though our own props can actually absorb the energetic tone of the hours and years of your practice with them. They become sacred objects, symbolic of your journey on the mat.

 I often thought to myself, what if students were able to show up to class with not only their own mat, but also their own favourite props? Regardless if you needed it or, they’d always be there. 2 cork blocks, a 2” foam block, a yoga strap and mat, all fit neatly inside a cute small canvas tote bag – something accessible at all times and on hand just in case. 


I have put a lot of time into searching and producing yoga props with the kind of quality I could stand behind as an instructor. I am proud of the products being offered as they are ethically sourced and made of sustainable materials, plus they sport the Onward and Upward Dog logo, AKA Penny Loaf, which makes them completely adorable.


The Penny Loaf stamp represents two things, my confidence to stand behind each product’s quality as well as the 10% of profits from each sale that are donated to local dog rescues and shelters. 

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