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Why the Penny Loaf logo?

I chose to make Penny Loaf my logo because of who she is. Let’s get this straight: Penny Loaf is not “just a dog” — she is my best friend. We have spent the last eight years together, just a lady and her Bugg, out in the big world. She has taught me a number of important lessons and provided me with devoted support during some of the hardest times of my life. Though she is not human, I respect Penny Loaf as being her own person, a living breathing sentient being with her own personality, preferences and perspectives. I fundamentally believe people could really learn a thing or two from their furry best friends about how to live life in a truly embodied and enjoyable way. (1)

Penny Loafer is not only a certified snuggle master, an expert cheese hunter and an exquisite swimmer, she is also definitely a yogi. If she could speak in human verbal language, I imagine she would argue (quite articulately, I might add) that perhaps dogs — not humans — invented yoga. “Downwards Facing Dog? Upwards Facing Dog? Puppy Pose? That Fire Hydrant Hip Mobility Exercise in Table Top? Come on. I think it’s pretty obvious which species is the more enlightened here,” she scoffs, taking a delicate sip of her milk bone flavoured kombucha, her smallest claw tilted on an upward and slightly pretentious angle. “Just another gift us benevolent dogs have bestowed upon our oblivious furless companions. No need to say thank you.” She rolls her eyes. She’s got attitude. (I mean, she is half pug after all.)

Penny Loaf isn’t your typical Paris Hilton Chihuahua always on the cover of Dog Yoga Journal, know what I mean? She has a solid and sturdy frame. She’s all muscle, curves and a little bit of cushion. I have never seen her show even a flicker of self consciousness about her furry loaf body. She is confident in herself and her abilities. She trusts herself and her judgment. She knows how to really relax and enjoy herself. She is enthusiastic about everything — expect maybe baths. She knows how to love unconditionally. She knows how to let things go and forgives quickly.

Sounds like a true yogi to me….

When she moves into her Upwards (or Downwards) Facing Dog, she demonstrates an effortless sense of confidence — she is who she is and she feels good about who she is in the present moment. She accepts herself. She trusts the shape of the pose, she knows its inherent to her being and she allows herself to feel good in the movement. She fully embraces the present moment, without judgement and with a genuine sense of contentment. She inspires me to follower her lead — not just doing my yoga, but being my yoga. Penny Loaf does her yoga because it is completely natural to her — and that’s why she is my logo.

Ps. When my online Prop Shop opens, ten percent of the profits will go directly to support local dog rescues. (It was a part of Penny’s contract when she agreed to let me use her likeness for the purposes of my business. )

Pss. For those of you who know me and my dogs, the reason Jack Nicholson (aka Jack Bean, the Bean Machine, Little Weiner) isn’t my logo is not because he’s not a fur yogi and all the wonderful things that Penny Loaf is — he absolutely is — but he also pees on my stuff a lot so… there’s that.


  1. ECO vs. EGO. Explore: Recognizing Personhood Beyond the Human Species.

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