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Onward and Upward Dog Yoga is more than just a name. It represents my work as a certified yoga instructor, my insights and experience teaching across the lovely, little city of Winnipeg.

As a dedicated student myself for the last ten years, I have had the chance to explore different disciplines, learn from inspiring teachers and visit many phenomenal studio spaces at home and abroad. After completing my graduate degree, I paired my passion for teaching and learning with my love for yoga and became a professional certified yoga instructor. 


I am a graduate of the Yogic Physical Culture Academy with certification in Advanced Masters’ Core (hatha), an RYT200 (Vinyasa Flow) with the Yoga Alliance International, as well as a YogaFit Evaluator with the Manitoba Fitness Council. While my certifications represent my commitment to accreditation and continuing education, the last five years of teaching class have been my most profound teachers. 


When I pause and reflect on my journey, I can’t believe how much I’ve grown personally and professionally since my very first yoga class. 

At the core of my own teaching ethos, I believe a great teach must not only love the practice, but also love to teach. It is the love of teaching that makes me get out of bed every morning. My goal is to help you cultivate your own practices by learning poses, to trust the flow, to be one with your breath, free your body and understand that yoga is an embodied process to be lived and breathed. 


I’m incredibly grateful for each and every one of my experiences in life and believe this has given me so much to share. My vision is to turn this website into a space where I can regularly share my thoughts with yoga practitioners, students and teachers. I hope my blog will offer relevant thoughts on the practice of yoga, both on and off the mat. 

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